Dairy Creek Women's GC

Weekly Play

Our club plays every Monday. The weekly games are announced on the day of play.

Once a month is a shotgun start followed by a lunch/meeting unless otherwise noted on the Schedule.

Please Note:
  • Tee Times start at 8:32 unless noted otherwise
  • Weekly Buy-in is $2.00.
  • $.50 is mandatory if you play with our club. This is collected for Pub Links Team Play.
  • $1.50 is optional, but you must announce your intent to not compete before play.

Major Tournaments

All our major tournaments should be posted as tournament scores. They are:
  • All rounds of club championship
  • All matches of match play event
  • First round only of ringer
  • Invitational, if appropriate

Sign Up Procedures

  • Weekly tournament sign-up sheets are posted on the window at the Dairy Creek Pro-shop about three weeks in advance.
  • Please indicate if you walk or ride in the space provided on the signup sheet
  • You may sign up as a 1, 2, 3 or 4-some. Every attempt will be made to leave groups as they are signed up, but there may be times when you will be moved.
  • Major Tournaments will usually have a special entry form
  • On the Monday before a play day, the sheet is removed and tee times finalized.
  • Tee times are then posted on the web site by Friday evening. Players need to check the website for their tee time after Friday evening. For any changes they must either email or call the Tournament Chair. This is true for all regular play.
  • Only call the Pro-shop for changes on the day of play
  • Tee times on our website are kept current with changes. It is recommended to check the tee times the Sunday night prior to play.

Specialty Items

Birdies, Chip-ins, Par on 14 Pool
  • $1.00 annual optional buy in for each of Birdies, Chip-ins and Pars on Hole #14.
  • Paid annually at the Presidentís Tournament
  • When score cards are turned in following weekly game, note any of these events in the book at the scorerís table
Hole in One Pool
  • $1.00 annual optional buy in.
  • Prize is a $50.00 gift certificate