Dairy Creek Women's GC

9 Hole Ringer

Open to all current members of Dairy Creek Women's Golf Club

Dates Mondays starting March 28 thru May 2
Play as many weeks as you can.
Entry Fee $10
Give entry fee and form to Mary Pollack.
Tees Players must designate which tees they will play - either Gold or Orange.
Your tees must be selected prior to your first round and used for the entire tournament.
Handicaps Game will use first round handicap for all weeks.
Score Cards 1. No special score cards.
2. Turn cards into Joe in pro shop.
3. Turn in a card each week you play with that week's scores - only your 9 hole ringer scores. Signed and attested by everyone in the group.
4. Keep a card yourself for each week where you keep your running ringer scores.
5. On the last week you play, turn in the card with your running scores. This will help to validate the scoring. HOWEVER, any discrepancies and the scores submitted in prior weeks and entered in the computer will prevail.
Prizes: Because we are playing from different tees, prizes will be NET only. Depending on entries, there may be special prizes for low gross from the different tees.
The Game: This is a 9 hole ringer. If a player opts to play 18 holes ONLY THE FIRST 9 HOLES count for the ringer.

A ringer is like a personal best ball. The player will play up to 5 rounds, with the game score being the best score for each hole.

For example, in week 1 the golfer has a 7 on hole 1, in week 2 a 5, and in week 3 a 6. The score for hole 1 is a 5.

This tournament is intended to be fun!