Dairy Creek Women's GC

Local Rules and Procedures

Relief From Sprinklers Near the Green

A player may take relief from an immovable obstruction (sprinkler head or valve cover) that interferes with his line of play and is located within two club lengths of a green, as follows:
  • If his ball is on the green, it shall be lifted and placed at the nearest point that avoids intervention with the obstruction and is no nearer the hole
  • if his ball is off the green and within two club lengths of the obstruction, it shall be lifted and dropped at the closest point that avoids intervention with the obstruction and is no neared the hole, and not in a hazard or on a green

Fence Bordering Hazard on Hole #14

  • Free relief may be taken if the ball is not in the hazard and the player’s safety is jeopardized. To take relief, drop the ball at the top of the hill. No penalty.
  • If the ball is in the hazard, there is a one stroke penalty. Same procedure as above, or other options as defined in the Rules of Golf.
View of Hole 8

Water Hazard on Hole # 8

  • Is Ball Playable?
    When it is unknown if your first ball hit can be played, you may hit a second ball from the tee box before proceeding to the other side. This will save you from having to return to the tee box to play your second ball if the first ball cannot be played as it lies.
  • Regular Monday Tournaments
    After player hits one ball into the water she may proceed to drop area and will be hitting her 3rd shot.
  • Member/Guest or any Better Ball Tournaments
    Player must hit 2 balls into the water before going to the drop area, and at that point will be hitting her 5th shot.
  • Club Championship and Match Play
    Player may not use the drop area.

Logs on Hole #11

When the ball comes to rest near the logs bordering the hazard, for the players’ safety, the player may drop the ball behind the logs, on a straight line between the flag and where the ball lies, going back as far as needed to insure that no injury will occur on her approach to the green shot. No penalty.

Pace of Play

  • A round at Dairy Creek should take no longer than 4 hours and 15 minutes to play
  • Keep up with the group in front of you. They should only be one shot ahead of you
  • Do not worry about the group behind, unless they are waiting on you. Then you need to pick up you pace of play.