Dairy Creek Women's GC


Weekly Games - Big 5 Daily Game Scoring Rules

1. If you pick up (x out) on a game hole you are out of the game that day.

2. If you pick up (x out) on a non game hole you are still in the game that day.

3. You must declare if you are in or out of the game before play starts.

4. If you pick up (x out) on any hole you are out of the monthly low net that day.

5. It is usually best to play out all holes unless it is a hopeless situation

Winter Rules

When the "cart path only" rule is in effect on any holes (for weather reasons), players may lift, clean, and place their ball from tee to green.


1. New members must have an established index to compete in regular weekly and major club tournaments.

2. Five (5) rounds of golf are needed to establish an index.

3. Memberships are a calendar year, January 1 through December 31. Members are only allowed to compete in regular weekly and major club tournaments during the calendar year of their membership.


1. Weekly prize money not picked up within three months will be put in a tournament slush fund.

2. Members may bring guests to play in weekly tournaments but guests may not compete for weekly prizes. Guests playing with Dairy Creek Women’s Golf Club must pay a $.50 mandatory fee which is collected for Pub Links Team play.

3. The full amount of money budgeted for special tournaments will only be disbursed if number of participants is at least 25% of current membership; otherwise funds will be prorated.

4. Only golfers playing in the Annual Invitational Tournament are eligible to receive free raffle tickets for door prizes. Volunteers may receive tee prizes.


1. Every acceptable score (played under the Rules of Golf) is required to be posted even if you do not participate in the Game of the Day.


1. The outgoing Vice President is responsible for purchasing and presenting a thank you gift to the outgoing President when the “gavel changes hands.”

2. $2.50 from each member’s club dues will be allocated to Team Play.

Last Updated December, 2012.