Dairy Creek Women's GC

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Low Net of the Month

Each month, the player(s) with the lowest net score on a Monday play day will qualify to play in a Low Net Tournament played in December.

November 2017
Score: 67

Lynne Pritchard

Low Net Champion for :

November67Lynne Pritchard
October69Linda Collins
September70Elie Axelroth
August63Mary Pollock
July65Mary Pollock
July65Bonnie Gromacki
May64Julie Rodewald
April71Jamie Boucher
March70Cathy Gardner
February74Jamie Boucher
February74Cathy Gardner
January70Lorraine Kerr
January70Jamie Boucher


December76Louise McCoy
June67Louise McCoy
March76Lynne Haley


October71Diane Wyatt
October71Cathy Gardner
August68Susan Nail
June64Mary Pollock


August63Cathy Gardner
July65DeDe Pestrello